Create a big impact with our combination letters..

We would like to introduce our brand new 3ft. combination letters. These unique combinations are sure to WOW each and everyone of your guests at the next event. Each of these combinations come with our 3ft. letters at the bottom, beautifully paired with our 20 inch letters as the topper.

Would you like to add your last name to the mix? No worries!     Contact us for a custom inquiry wherein we add our 14” Mr&Mrs topper to your last name. 

Book with us now lets transform your event space together!



Each letter is carefully handcrafted in Toronto using old world techniques and new age technology.

Let AMPERSAND impress and light up the night with our wonderful signs, letters and custom creations.



Rates per night

Mr&Mrs (Last Name): $100 (Mr&Mrs Topper) + $95/letter (up to 7 letters)

Custom Topper: $45/letter

Custom 3ft. Bottom: $95/letter (up to 7 letters)

Delivery and Setup

Delivery rates start at $65. Delivery, setup and pickup are calculated per city or from our address at 434 Beach Road, Hamilton. We use Google Maps to calculate our mileage. Drop offs are to be scheduled with our events coordinator and pick up varies with each venue (1 am usually). Please "x" the spot on your floor plan or let your venue coordinator know where you would like the sign to be place.

Not sure where to place the signs? Call or send us an email for suggestions!

Light up the night!